Historic England reveals 451 old mills across the North West could provide new homes and offices

  • Report and article by ITV Granada Reports correspondent Paul Crone

The mills are as much a part of our northern landscape as chippies, and seaside promenades.

But, the myriad of mills which once dominated our skylines are sadly dwindling.

Still here and still making their mark though are the Beehive Mill in Manchester, a former soap factory built in 1824, and the impressive Leigh Spinners, a double brick built cotton mill.

Both are the perfect examples of Historic England's campaign to re-use old mills for homes and offices.

  • Catherine Dewar, Regional Director NW, Historic England

And it's worth pointing out that using the old mills to their full new potential is also good for the environment.

You avoid carbon emissions used in demolition, and also using new steel and concrete to create new buildings.

Working or living in an old mill is something special.

At the Beehive Mill in Manchester, formerly the Sankeys Soap Factory, architect Maurice Shapero has ensured none of the charm or history of the building has been lost.

Built originally in 1824, you can feel the history of this building as you walk along the various floors.

If you have a favourite old mill you walk past or drive by everyday, let us know and send us a picture! We'd love to hear from you.