RNLI recreate 130-year-old photo of world's first street collection in Manchester

Picture, RNLI
The horse-drawn lifeboat parade in Manchester, 1891 Credit: RNLI

The world's first street collection, which was in aid of the RNLI, has been recreated in Manchester 130 years on.

A picture from 1891, showing an impressive lifeboat parade in front of the town hall, has been restaged in St Ann's Square, with the help of a family who will forever be indebted to the RNLI.

Ben Williamson from Manchester was rescued after being swept out to sea by the current, while bodyboarding in Cornwall. He says he would have died if he hadn't been saved.

"I'm trying to swim through this thing that's moving 10 metres per second in the opposite direction," he recalls.

"Yeah, I would definitely never have made it, had it not been for the selflessness of these guys."