Tyson Fury at heaviest weight ever for world title clash with Deontay Wilder

Morecambe's heavyweight world boxing champion, Tyson Fury, has vowed to put Deontay Wilder in hospital when the pair clash for the third time in Las Vegas.

Fury, who originally hails from Manchester, tipped the scales at his heaviest ever weight of 277lbs, compared to Wilder's 238lbs at the final weigh-in ahead of their fight at the MGM Grand.

Afterwards, Fury promised the bout will be a "Total annihilation."

"He was complaining last time he had a cracked skull and an injured arm. I can't wait for Saturday night. I'm going to severely damage him."

Wilder claimed his own heaviest-ever weight would prevent Fury from physically dominating the fight.

The pair had originally been scheduled to fight on for 24 July but the match was postponed after Fury tested positive for coronavirus. Credit: AP

"When you're calm, you're able to see certain things and you're able to decide, make great decisions," said the American.

"I'm looking to be calm in this fight, so I can make the great decision, so I can show the people what I'm all about.

"We have rejuvenated myself, we reinvented myself. Redemption is upon us and I can't wait to show the world what I'm all about.

"I'm reintroducing myself to the world as Deontay Wilder."

The heavyweight clash is expected to begin at around 4am UK time on Sunday, although boxing fans must pay £24.95 to watch it.