Manchester Arena Inquiry: John Atkinson's family refuse paramedic's apology

The latest from ITV Granada Reports' correspondent Amy Welch

The family of one of the Manchester Arena bombing victims are refusing to accept an apology from the ambulance service for their decisions on the night of the attack.

Senior paramedic Daniel Smith apologised at the Arena inquiry last week for any decisions he made which might have affected John Atkinson's chances of survival.

But John's family say he was, in their words, ''badly let down'' by some of the emergency services, losing precious time before he received treatment.

Earlier on in the inquiry, Senior Paramedic Daniel Smith apologised for any decisions he made that may've affected John's chances of survival.

Mr Atkinson, a care worker from Bury, was six metres from the bomber and suffered serious leg injuries and heavy bleeding following the blast.

The hearing was told the 28-year-old was not seen by any member of North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) for the 47 minutes that he was in the City Room.

Three paramedics from NWAS entered the City Room on the night - two of them just a few minutes before Mr Atkinson was evacuated.

Mr Atkinson suffered a cardiac arrest waiting for an ambulance, one hour and 16 minutes following the bombing.

A statement released by John's family is read out after the inquiry on Monday.

A statement released by John's family was read out by their solicitor Richard Scorer following the inquiry hearing on Monday.

It read: "We lost our beloved John to an appalling atrocity while on a night out, an atrocity which could and should have been prevented by proper security.

"To compound this, John was badly let down by some from the emergency services. 

"Mistake after mistake was made, and precious time was allowed to ebb away whilst John needed urgent hospital treatment. 

"This should never have been allowed to happen. John had so much to give. 

"We heard the apology last week from Mr Smith from the North West Ambulance Service. We cannot accept this apology.

"Actions speak louder than words, and we wait to see what actions are taken to ensure this never happens again.

"Finally, we would like to thank those, including Ronald Blake, and Dr Godfrey and his hospital team, who tried to help John in his time of need. 

"Ronald Blake in particular is a hero. Hearing about the kindness of strangers on the night has offered us a small glimmer of hope in our darkest moments."