Alfred Cannan elected as the next Chief Minister of the Isle of Man

The new Chief Minister of the Isle of Man says he wants to build a "vibrant island for the future".

Alfred Cannan was backed by 14 of the 24 members of the House of Keys to take the top job

Fellow nominee Alex Allinson was beaten after receiving eight votes from the House of Keys, after two MHKs abstained from the poll.

The new Chief Minister, who will be replacing Howard Quayle, will hold the post for the next five years. 

Commenting on his appointment, the Chief Minister said: “I am grateful to Members of the House of Keys for putting their faith in me to lead our Island forward. 

"Together, I want us to build a secure, vibrant and sustainable future for the Isle of Man.  The work to deliver this for our community starts today.”

Alfred Cannan MHK, Sir Jonathan Michael and David Ashford MHK

Who is Alfred Cannan?

Alfred Cannan is a 53-year-old father of three, who served as an army officer for four years and worked in recruitment after that.

He first stood and was elected as a member of the House of Keys for Michael in 2011.

The House of Keys is the elected lower house of Tynwald which is the parliament of the Isle of man.

There are two parts to this parliament - the lower house which has more power and the other branch which handles legislation.

Cannan narrowly lost a bid for Chief Minister at the last election when Howard Quayle took the spot, Alfred was appointed Treasury Minister in October 2016.

Isle of Man House of Keys

What does the Chief Minister do?

The Chief Minister is the leader of the Isle of Man Government.

The Chief Minister is appointed by the Lieutenant Governor after a general election of the House of Keys.

He holds office until the next general election in 5 years but may be removed before that if there is a vote of no confidence.