Riddle of 'Banksy' mural on side of Stockport pub is solved

banksy riddle
Many thought this piece of art was a Banksy original. Credit: MEN Media

The mystery surrounding a Banksy-style mural which appeared on the side of a Stockport pub has been solved...and the painting is NOT the work of the mystery street artist.

Manchester-based brewery Joseph Holt said the deflating news had been confirmed by email after they had reached out to Banksy himself.

One of the country's most well-known artists, Banksy's identity remains top secret.

The mural's distinctive style fooled many into believing it to be by Banksy Credit: MEN Media

The distinctive style of the painting which appeared overnight on an outside wall of The Griffin pub in Stockport triggered widespread belief this could be an original  work.

The artwork depicts a boy, painted in black and white, flying a yellow kite, and was produced in Banksy's signature stencilled spray-painted style.

It is believed to have been completed at night and revealed on a Sunday morning from behind a set of screens.

The pub landlord of The Griffin also knew nothing about it.

The artwork was done in Banksy's distinctive style Credit: MEN Media

Previous requests from across the media for representatives of the artist to settle the matter had been unanswered 

However, after a personal request from Joseph Holt, the brewery said it had received confirmation by email which simply said: “This is not by the artist Banksy.”

Paul Longmire, marketing manager for the brewery said: “The mural has been a complete mystery since there were no witnesses to the work in progress.''

This Banksy artwork in Suffolk was partially removed over flood concerns. Credit: PA

Banksy's artworks can sell for millions of pounds. Just this week auction house Christie’s valued a Banksy painting inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers at between £8.8 million and £13.2 million.

Fashion designer Sir Paul Smith will sell the painting, called Sunflowers From Petrol Station, in November.

Meanwhile the Bristol-based artist completed a host of works when he went on 'A Great British Spraycation'.

He claimed ten artworks as his own via a video on his Instagram page in August. 

Banksy’s Love Is In The Bin, which self-shredded immediately after it was sold at auction is up for sale again Credit: PA

Earlier this year a painting depicting a young boy playing with a superhero nurse doll has raised more than £16m for an NHS charity after being sold at auction.

Game Changer, also by the anonymous graffiti artist, appeared in a foyer at Southampton General Hospital during the first wave of the pandemic.

Mr Longmire added: “We'd  still love to know who did this amazing work – not least so we can offer credit to the artist who produced it. If anyone can help us solve the mystery  please do get in touch.”