Why early identification of ADHD is key to helping your child

Video report by ITV Granada Reports' @AnnaYoussefITV

About 5% of schoolchildren have ADHD making it one of the most common behavioural disorders in the UK.

Inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness - are just some of the symptoms.

If left untreated it can lead to problems at school, unemployment, criminality, and drug and alcohol dependency so early intervention is crucial.

But many families have a long wait for a diagnosis.

Twins Reuben and Elena were formally diagnosed with ADHD when they were six. Dad Mark says he'd known since they were toddlers. It became even more obvious when the siblings started school.

Mark says an early diagnosis was crucial for their family.  Given the long waiting times on the NHS and the impact on the twins- Mark paid for a private assessment.

Reuben and Elena now take medication for their ADHD on a school day. They also have a packed schedule of clubs and sporting activities which Mark says helps focus their energy.

Now ten, they like taking part in sponsored treks and challenges and have raised 50 thousand pounds for charity.

Reuben Evans-Gullian
Elena Evans-Guillan

Josh Beale is a recent graduate working in PR.  He was diagnosed with ADHD while at university. The 22-year-old thinks moving away from home and losing the support he'd always had from school and family kickstarted his condition.

Josh Beale

Josh now manages his ADHD with medication and a healthy lifestyle.

It's hoped by raising awareness of ADHD and the importance of early intervention more young people will be given the help they need to flourish and realise their full potential.

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