Esports stars of the future? Burnley College creates suite to meet gaming industry demands

Anyone with children at home knows how massive gaming is these days - especially as you shout 40 times a day...are you still on that computer?

But at Burnley College, a new esports suite has opened, giving young people a chance for a future in gaming.

The college has spent two years creating the suite for students to meet the demands of the multi-discipline gaming industry.

Not only that, but in a first for the whole of the UK, the college has signed an exclusive deal with Burnley FC to join forces to create a world beating Esports team.

Ed Foulds, the curriculum manager at Burnley College said: "In the UK now, esports is worth more financially than music, media, TV and movies combined."

The esports suite has been two years in the making. Credit: ITV News

But esports is not just a case of students sitting in front of a computer screen playing games for hours on end.

Esports student Klara Trojnarwants to get into the business side of gaming:

It's hoped the esports stars of the future will be spotted by the sponsors of the project Burnley FC, who already have their own esports football team.

Brad Colston said: "Growing up I've always wanted to be a footballer, but you soon come to the realisation that you can't make it that far. So esports is the next best thing."

Brad Colston, Captain of Burnley FC esports team. Credit: ITV News

Did you know?

The RAF actually recruits gamers because of their dexterity, focus, concentration and analysis skills.

Students on the course will gain enterprise skills, media skills and obviously, gaming skills.