Former Manchester City football players finally awarded medals 53 years after winning the league

A group of former Manchester City football players have finally been awarded their medals after helping the team win the league - 53 years ago.

Stan Horne, Paul Hince, Bobby Kennedy and the late Harry Dowd did not receive medals for City's 1967-68 title-winning season as it was deemed they did not play in enough games.

The foursome were overlooked due to a smaller allocation of medals being awarded by the Football League.

But the group finally received their accolades during half-time at Manchester City's Premier League home game against Burnley on Saturday 16 October.

Following a request by the club, Bobby and Stan along with the sons of Paul and Harry were at last presented with winners medal.

Stan Horne

The medals have been awarded after a rule change with players now only needing to be involved in five games during a season to be given one.

For Stan receiving the medal comes with another important honour as fittingly in Black History month it means he now has becomes the first black footballer to win the league.

He said: "It's another thing I'm very proud of but it could have been someone else. But it was me and I'm more than proud to have this honour."

Bobby Kennedy

Bobby said the receiving the medal in front of a home crowd was "wonderful".

He added: "We didn't know who was going to present the medals and we all had our own ideas and somebody suggested that it might be the shiekh.

"It turned out to be Mike Summberbee who was one of our colleagues in the team. He gave me a big hug and I think that's the first time ever - I don't think he even hugged me when we were playing football.

The late Harry Dowd Credit: Manchester City Football Club

For the late Harry Dowd it means adding a league winners medal to the FA Cup winners medal that he won with City in 1969.

His son Alex picked up the medal. He said: "He'd have been absolutely chuffed.

"Both myself and my sister are really proud as are the extended family. It was a really special day.

"My dad was very laid back about football. All he wanted to do was play football.

"In some games, after the game he'd be going to do a plumbing job and some lads used to say he loved plumbing more than he loved football."

Paul Hince Credit: Manchester City Football Club

Paul Hince was also too ill to receive his medal in person.

His son Nick says it will take pride of place among the achievements by his dad who after playing for City went on to cover them as a reporter for the Manchester Evening News.

He said: "To finally have something tangible there to hold and say well done you've got your medal is great. It's something we can keep in the family and put with the other memories."

The medals are replicas of those given to the rest of the Manchester City squad in 1968