Adoptive parents share their story despite frightening cancer diagnosis

Video report by ITV News Correspondent Elaine Willcox

A couple from Merseyside have shared their experience of adopting despite a frightening cancer diagnosis.

They wanted to thank Adoption in Merseyside for their support and want to encourage others considering providing children a loving home.

Kate and Adrian have three adopted boys aged 4, 2 and one and they have never been happier.

Kate is in clinical remission after being told she had a rare blood cancer. She said throughout the process they and their social workers supporting them were 'pragmatic'.

At no point did they consider pulling out, and Adrain said we decided, 'as soon as Kate was better', they would look forward to giving 'a child the best possible start'.

Their first child joined their family at 10 weeks old

The couple chose the route 'Foster for adopt' and their first son arrived at just 10 weeks old, while they continued to be assessed to adopt him.

Two years later, another sibling was born and he joined their family at 12 days old.

Their second son joined their family at 12 days old

Then came the surprise phone call, there was a third sibling and he joined his brothers. He's been formally adopted this week, in National Adoption Week.

The third sibling joined their family after an unexpected phone call

The children's birth mother was not able to offer the boys a safe environment and met their adoptive parents earlier this year. She was 'so happy to know they were still together and thriving'.

She will be given annual updates on each of the boys using 'letterbox contact', telling her about their progress, hobbies and activities.

There are currently more than 120 children in the north west still waiting to be adopted.

Craig Brougham, Finding Family Team Manager with Adoption with Merseyside helped to bust some of the myths over adoption.

  • There is no upper age limit for adoptive parents, but you must 21.

  • You can be single, gay or trans and don't need to own your own home, have a certain salary and can be receiving benefits.

  • Black or Asian children are likely to wait twice as long to be adopted and agencies prefer their adoptive parents to be of the same heritage but will not always restrict that, if a loving home can be found.

  • You need to be fit and healthy as part of the adoption process. If you do have a health condition, the advice is to contact your local adoption agency, via your council to talk that through.