Ant and Dec surprise Prince's Trust apprentices on 'Making it in Media' programme in Manchester

Britain's favourite double act have surprised a group of unsuspecting Prince's Trust trainees as they brought their Making it in Media programme to Manchester.

The free scheme, for those aged 16 to 25 who are not in work, education or training, is designed to help youngsters break into the media industry and is the first of its kind in the north.

Dec said: "We are insanely proud. This is our second course, we've done one in London and this one in Manchester is the first one we've done in the north.

"Honestly when we saw them two weeks ago and set them off on the course they looked like rabbits in headlights, but they all now want to go off and work in the industry."

Ant and Dec surprised participants of their specially created 'Making it in Media' course with the Princes Trust.

The two-week programme began in early October and has given participants the opportunity to gain industry knowledge, while also developing their self-confidence and skills.

At the end a special Prince’s Trust ‘Get Hired’ event will take place - and the TV duo say they are “really keen to hear from Greater Manchester businesses that can support the next generation to succeed."

Ant said: "It's not an easy industry to get into, we were lucky we started off in Byker Grove. The producers came round the schools and asked if anybody wanted to get involved so that was my break and I grabbed onto it and ran with it.

"We were just normal kids from normal working class families, I don't think there's many opportunities for kids like we were, anymore."

Dec added: "If there are any media businesses out there in the North West who are looking for young people with energy and enthusiasm, we want to hear from you."

Are you a media business who can help?

The Princes Trust are keen to hear from media and entertainment businesses, or those with entry level full or part-time roles in video production and online content.

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Jay Hackett, 21, from Tameside, who met Ant and Dec on the Making it in Media programme, said: "This programme is a complete dream for me and I’m already feeling encouraged about my future.

"I’ve been trying for ages to get my foot in the door in this industry and instead have ended up in potholes.

"When I heard Ant and Dec say it was tough starting out for them at points, and that they had felt shy sometimes, it made me feel that I could take the step into working in media too.

"I haven’t felt confident in years, so I want to get confidence out of this course, gain useful media experience and learn how to express myself."

The course was created by the North East pair to give participants an opportunity to see what goes into making a TV show, and learn about the range of careers available in the industry.

They gain hands-on experience and training, and meet industry experts who will share tips and experiences from their own careers in the industry, and make their own mini TV package.

The Prince of Wales, founder and president of the trust, said the pair's "illustrious career" in the media made them the right candidates to lead the initiative, called Making it in Media.