Lucky Lucy the cockapoo rescued from 'treacherous' mud flats in West Kirby

RNLI crew member Ella Marston with Lucy the cockapoo safely on board.
Lucky Lucy the Cockapool rescued by RNLI Credit: Chris Gatenby

Lucy the cockapoo had a lucky escape when she became trapped and after wandering onto mud flats on West Kirby beach.

The alert was raised and crew members from West Kirby RNLI launched a boat to rescue the dog who had been walking with her owner and a friend.

One of the newest volunteer crew members, Ella Marston, is a very experienced dog handler, and needed all her skills to get Lucy, a nervous rescue dog, to safety.

Ella was able to reassure the dog, who by this stage was covered in mud and exhausted.

Lucy was rescued by RNLI volunteer Ella Marston. Credit: Chris Gatenby

The dog was transferred onboard West Kirby RNLI Lifeboat and returned to shore at Sandy Lane slipway to its awaiting owners.

Speaking following the call out, Gary Price, West Kirby RNLI Lifeboat Deputy Launch Authority said: "We would like to thank the member of the public who acted quickly in contacting the Coastguard and advising the casualties in the most sensible way.

"It is very easy to become trapped in mud, which can become even more dangerous when you factor in tide. In this instance the owners did the right thing by returning to shore to seek support.

"Please do call 999 and ask for the Coastguard should you suspect that anyone is in difficulty near to or on the water.’