Scarecrow festival in St Helens proves outstanding in its field!

One of the many entries in this year's St Helens Scarecrow Festival. Credit: St Helens Scarecrow Festival

You might have thought a global pandemic would have been the final straw for the St Helens scarecrow festival.

But actually, the annual competition has bloomed and is now more popular than ever.

Not sure these two will make the Saints first team squad! Credit: St Helens Scarecrow Festival

This year once again there are hundreds of entries as it seems every other house in St Helens has been working hard on producing the perfect scarecrow to stick in their front garden for all to see.

Another great effort for the scarecrow festival Credit: St Helens Scarecrow Festival

And two charities are benefiting from the scarecrow festival this year, Willowbrook Hospice and the Standing Tall Foundation.

A topical entry for the festival. Credit: St Helens Scarecrow Festival

A small team of organisers makes sure that as many residents across St Helens as possible get involved each year, enhancing an already significant community spirit. This year even care homes across the town are joining in the fun.

For more details on the festival, head here.