Woman, 18, to be tested for HIV after being 'spiked with injection' in Liverpool nightclub queue

A student was queueing up for a nightclub in Liverpool when she was allegedly spiked by an injection in the back.The 18-year-old University of Liverpool student, who asked not to be named, was waiting in line to get into Baa Bar in Liverpool city centre shortly after midnight on October 19, when she left the queue after feeling unwell.The student said she lost all use of her legs and was carried part way home by her friend before they got into a taxi together, but it wasn't until the next morning that she realised what had happened.

The woman told the Liverpool Echo: "We were queuing up outside and suddenly I was like 'I'm going to be sick.' I went over to the side and started throwing up."My friend told me I was flopping over, I couldn't use my legs, I couldn't really speak."I can remember throwing up and I can remember my friend lifting me up and carrying me home."The next day I felt something weird on my back and got my flat mate to look."

In a photo, seen by the Echo, a red mark can be seen on the woman's back, which she suspects is where she was injected.She said: "It was very scary, I was crying on the phone to my mum."The 18-year-old called her doctor that morning and was told to go straight to A&E.She has since been referred for blood tests at the Royal Liverpool Hospital including screening for hepatitis B, syphilis and HIV.

The bar said it had provided footage to the police to help with the incident. Credit: Liverpool Echo

Merseyside Police said an investigation is underway and CCTV, witness and medical enquiries are in the process of being carried out.

Before she went out that night, the woman said she had been sharing a bottle of vodka with her friend and they had both "had the exact same amount of drinks."

A Baa Bar spokesperson said they the venue is aware of the incident and has provided footage to the police to help with their investigation.

The spokesperson said: "We are taking the increased threat of spiking’s and people being injected across the city incredibly seriously."Baa Bar was one of the first bars to adapt a no search no entry policy to give our guests reassurance and this has been received extremely positively."We have a welfare manager deployed on every shift whose prime focus is to support any guests in need and to observe and watch for any unusual activity along with our door team."All team have been spoken to and trained in awareness of vulnerable guests and suspicious activity."

Merseyside Police say they are investigating.

Merseyside Police say they are investigating. In a statement the force said they are aware of a number of spiking incidents in town, five of which specifically relate to injection spiking.Detectives said that out of the five reports, three currently remain under investigation, including the incident on October 19.Superintendent Diane Pownall said: “Liverpool is awarded Purple Flag status every year and is one of the safest cities in the UK. We know that people travel far from far and wide to enjoy what is on offer here and we want that to continue."