Paris Fury on family life and how she would 'definitely' swap lives with boxer Tyson for a day

Paris Fury telling ITV News Correspondent Elaine Willcox she has a challenge for Tyson

Paris Fury says she would 'definitely swap lives' with boxer husband Tyson giving him their six children for the day while she got 'punched in that ring all day'.

Opening up about her life with Tyson away from the sporting spotlight the mother-of-six said the family live a really normal life, nothing like the 'glitz and glam' of what can be seen on television.

Paris and Tyson with his world heavyweight belt after beating Deontay Wilder in Vegas

She spoke about the incredible support they received at Alder Hey Children's Hospital when baby Athena was born and was rushed to intensive care in August, just weeks before his big fight against Deontay Wilder.

Paris and Tyson spent 10 days with their daughter staying in accommodation provided by Ronald McDonald House, a charity which provides support for families with children in hospital.

Paris said 'it meant the world to them' and they met other families who spend much of their lives in hospital with their children, during these stressful times, and she said they were 'amazing'.

Tyson launched a fundraising campaign to raise £50,000 for the charity and has almost reached his target with donations from the public.

Baby Athena Fury.

Paris also spoke about having to hide a miscarriage from Tyson on the day of a fight.

She's had two miscarriages and says being able to talk about them is so important for women as part of the grieving process.

Paris had to put her own feelings aside and keep the news to herself because Tyson was hours away from competing in a comeback fight, when she realised she was losing their unborn child.

"So I went outside and cried for like 20 minutes in the car by myself and then I put on a brave face and walked back in and he said, 'What's happening? What's wrong?'.

Paris was eight weeks pregnant and told Tyson as soon as he left the ring.

The pair went to the hospital where the news was confirmed but just five weeks later, the couple fell pregnant again with their son Prince Adonis Amaziah and baby Athena took the family to six.

Paris Fury talking about the highs and lows, dreams for the children and why Morecambe will always be home

Paris and Tyson were childhood sweethearts and first met when she was 15 and they married at 19. They both come from traveller families and he was Paris's first and only boyfriend.

Tyson told his family he would marry Paris after their first date.

Paris and Tyson met as teenagers - he told his family he would marry Paris after their first date

In her book 'Love and Fury' she describes the tough times when Tyson's struggles with depression, OCD and alcohol threatened to overwhelm them and there were times when she admitted she 'wanted to walk' away.

But she stayed with their children and is his 'rock', always ringside at his fights, even though she admits it doesn't get any easier seeing the person you loved being 'hurt'.

Tyson Fury and five of their children at home all dressed in Versace

Tyson is once again heavyweight champion of the world, beating Deontay Wilder in an epic fight in Vegas, but Paris says the 'ultimate showman boxer' couldn't wait to be back home with their kids.

Tyson has also spoken of his dream for their children to do 'even better than he has' and hopes to see the first Fury to go to university.

Their eldest daughter, who is 12 is now being 'homeschooled' after leaving primary school, as part of their traveller culture, to 'learn the ways of your parents and your family traditions'.

Paris said they are trying to keep that gypsy heritage, but to bring it in to the 21st century and encourage their children to do whatever they want to do.

The couple have bought a house in Vegas but say living in Morecambe near the sea, is where they can 'be themselves.'

Tyson Fury in bed yawning with baby Athena and Paris Credit: Instagram

Asked what Tyson thinks of Paris the author, she says 'he's been amazing, if I need to go out, he says you go I've got it, he doesn't, he's winging it, but he's guaranteeing me I will come back and the kids will all be ok.'

She says it's lovely to have that support from Tyson, 'without it I wouldn't have branched out'.