Is the new Wet Wet Wet album better than the last? Lead singer Kevin Simm thinks so

Chorley's Kevin Simm tells entertainment correspondent Caroline Whitmore that it was a 'massive achievement' to write a lockdown album.

We all know the classic Wet Wet Wet songs: Love is All Around, Goodnight Girl, Angel Eyes - to name just a few!

Well now they’ve had a bit of a shake up and taken on a new lead singer in the shape of Chorley's Kevin Simm. 

He’s been leading the group on the festival scene for some time now but this is his first album leading the band with his vocals. 

Simm said he hoped people would 'get to listen' to the new album. Credit: Press handout

But what does a certain Marti Pellow think of the new signing? 

"I don’t know. I don’t know Marti, I've never met him. He’s doing his own thing and the band want to carry on", he said.

Kevin is no stranger to the limelight either after first coming to our attention twenty years ago, when he starred in the TV series ‘Popstars'.

He went on to become one fifth of the band ‘Liberty X ‘ with their biggest hit being ‘just a little’ which was released in 2002. 

When asked if he’s proud of that time he said: "Yeah it was an amazing time and I was so lucky- I look at the footage and memorabilia though and think 'Who ate Kevin?'

''I certainly wasn’t in the best shape and I had a piercing through my eyebrow."

He grimaces at the memory.

Kevin Simm has been speaking to Caroline Whitmore ahead of the new release. Credit: ITV Granada Reports

Simm didn’t leave his career there though when the band disbanded. He bravely set off for the blind auditions on ‘The Voice’ and went on to win the series five years ago.

"Yeah I guess it was a brave thing to do- it could’ve gone either way and blown up in my face but luckily it didn’t!" 

On Wet Wet Wet's new album, Kevin said: ‘I just hope people get to listen to it because it deserves to be listened to and put it this way it’s a lot better than their last album ‘ 

'The Journey' with Kevin on lead vocals is released next week. 

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