Black History Month: The single mothers and widows helping each other through dark times

Video report by Emma Sweeney.

Living alongside covid has affected each and every one of our lives - but for those who lack a wide support network or don't speak English as a first language, the last year and a half has thrown up its own unique challenges.

As part of our celebrations to mark Black History Month, we visit 'Wonderfully Made Woman' - the charity that's been helping widows and single mothers from Manchester's African communities through the toughest of times.

They run a food bank with a difference - It's an African food bank for single mothers.

The charity has started a food bank specialising in African produce Credit: ITV

The charity, Wonderfully Made Woman began their food aid programme at the start of the pandemic.

Dozens of families now rely on their support each week, with that number expected to grow over the coming months.

Bukola Toba is one of the women who uses the service: "It's like a lifesaver, it really came during the right time, during the peak of the pandemic, which everyone is struggling for life and food as well."

The charity has also stepped in to help the women understand the ever-changing covid regulations, because most of those who use the service don't have English as their first language so have struggled to keep up with the latest guidelines.

They also host dance and on-line cookery classes, as well as a regular breakfast club.