Pride of Britain: Hughie and Freddie meet Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle as they show off their award

A pair of young hospital fundraisers have been described as the Pride of Lancashire after they picked up a prestigious Pride of Britain Award for their charity efforts.

Hughie Higginson and Freddie Xavi were handed the Young Fundraisers of the Year award after raising more than £200,000 for the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital.

Freddie vowed to help best friend Hughie after he unable to take part in the hospital's charity fundraising walk after being diagnosed with Leukaemia.

The best friend stepped in, devising his own fundraising challenge on behalf of his pal, running 2km every day in the 50 days leading up to Christmas.

Freddie and Hughie received the Young Fundraisers of the Year award. Credit: PA Images

After being wowed on the red carpet - and interviewing a number of stars including Sharon Stone - the youngsters were treated to a trip to the House of Commons by Speaker, and fellow Lancashire native, Sir Lindsay Hoyle.

Sir Lindsay said: "I'm so proud of Hughie and Freddie, what a great story.

"It's not just about people in Lancashire, this is what Lancashire is famous for, this is also about telling the people of the United Kingdom this is friendships that are made, made forever and what better way than supporting each other and it's fantastic.

"Not only is it about the amount of money raised, it's about the support that Hughie and Freddie have, it's that special bond."

He added: "It's about two young people supporting each other, that story moved me beyond belief when I first met them in Blackpool, I said to them 'will you do me the honour and come to the House of Commons and come and see where I live as well?' and I was so proud when they walked through that door today."

The friends even had a go at shouting the infamous phrase 'order order' - with both quickly agreeing a political career was not in their future.

Hughie and Freddie toured the Speaker's House, including getting to glimpse the Royal bedroom, where the future monarch is meant to sleep the night before the coronation.

The pair, who both agreed the best part of their weekend had been receiving the award, then left their lasting mark, signing the guest book.

Speaking about the tour, Hughie said: "It's incredible, seriously, crazy. I can't put it into words, the history of it, everything, it's just great."

On the money the pair had raised, he added: "When I'm on the ward I see how happy what we have done has made people, it's just so great to have done this and I'm so happy to be a part of it."

Freddie said: "[The support] has been amazing, we've had so many people supporting us to finish the challenge, and all the people who have donated to he fundraising I just want to say thanks."