Meet Little Amal - the giant puppet bringing a message of hope and tolerance

Video report by Rachel Townsend, ITV News

Music and cheering has greeted Amal as she made her way through the streets of the North West this week.

The giant puppet represents displaced children around the world and here in the North West the community has welcomed her with kindness and compassion.

Amal has embarked on a three month journey to get here, starting at the Syrian-Turkey border and then travelling over 8,000 kilometres across Europe on both land and sea.

But that journey comes to an end later (3 November) when she steps into Manchester.

Credit: PA / Bevan Ross

Who is LittleAmal?

Little Amal is an eleven foot puppet who represents a child from war-torn Syria. Her name Amal means 'hope' in Arabic.

Who created Little Amal?

Amal was made by the creators of the mechanical horses in the War Horse stage show.

The drama producers are trying to draw attention to the stories of thousands of Syrians who endured a long journey across Europe to escape war.

How far has Little Amal travelled?

The puppet has been following the route of refugees fleeing war, starting on Syria's border with Turkey. It arrived in Kent last week and travelled to London, through the midlands and the North West.

What has been the reaction?

Hundreds turned out to greet Amal in the pouring rain in Wigan on Sunday before she moved to Rochdale on Tuesday.

Watching Amal wind through these streets today struck a real chord with Catherine Lebadou, an asylum seeker living in Rochdale.

She decribed the scenes as "beautiful" and said Amal lived up to her name by giving her hope.

When does Little Amal's journey end?

Amal will conclude her mammoth journey with the ‘When the Birds Land’ event at Manchester’s Castlefield Bowl.

The event will be completely free to attend and will cap off Manchester International Festival’s 2021 programme.

Little Amal will be arriving at Castlefield Bowl to conclude her journey this week on Wednesday, November 3rd at 7pm. 

Head over to the Walk with Amal website for more information.