Elderly residents have helped produce an album after using phone chats to write songs

  • Video report by Jahmal Williams-Thomas

During lockdown a lot of elderly and vulnerable people found themselves lonely and isolated but a chance to write music has given them a valuable lifeline.

A community arts and music group called String of Hearts decided to contact older residents in Trafford and Wythenshawe in weekly telephone calls to discuss life, music and some ideas for new songs.

The group brings adults together through the art of making music together.

Now, ten of the local residents have recorded songs for an album called 'Spotlights' which is being used to raise funds for String of Hearts.

Evrill Gilzene was referred to the group by her GP and says the phone calls have proved a lifeline.

She came up with an idea for one of the songs about 'being braver' which made it onto the collection of songs.

Amy Bowles , a musician who has worked on the album says Evril's song 'Brave up' is about having 'strength and being resilient, and being true to Evril it is also about laughter and joy and doing everything with a smile on your face'.

Each of the song lyrics were written during the weekly phone calls throughout the Covd-19 pandemic and lockdown.

The songs can be heard here:

On Bandcamp: https://stringofheartscic.bandcamp.com/ 

Community music group : https://www.stringofhearts.co.uk/