Sister of Flight MH17 victim from Blackpool says she 'changed as a person' the day her brother died

  • Glenn Thomas' twin sister and nephew flew to the Netherlands to give impact statements at the trial of four suspects in the Hague.

The family of a man from Lancashire, who was killed when a passenger plane was brought down over Ukraine in 2014, have told a Dutch court about the impact his death has had on them.

Investigators believe Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by pro-Russian rebels.

The flight was travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it was downed in July 2014 about 30 miles from the Russia-Ukraine border.

Dutch accident investigators have reconstructed the aircraft from pieces of wreckage Credit: PA

Glenn Thomas was among 289 passengers and crew who were killed. The 49-year old press officer for the World Health Organisation was one of 10 British victims of the disaster.

Glenn's twin sister and nephew have flown to the Netherlands to give impact statements at the trial of four suspects in the Hague.

Three Russian men, Igor Girkin, Sergei Dubinsky and Oleg Pulatov are on trial along with a Ukrainian citizen, Leonid Kharchenko.

None of the four suspects have been present for the hearings. All have denied involvement in the downing of the plane.

Glenn's nephew, Jordan Withers, says they have waited a long time to give evidence.

Jordan says it has been a long road for justice, but he hopes the process is done properly and leads to come sort of conclusion. The court is expected to deliver its verdict next year.

Glenn's sister, Tracey Withers, told Granada Reports she hopes to get justice one day, and this has been an opportunity to remember the brother she misses every day.

In her impact statement give to the hearing, Tracey said she and Glenn spoke most days despite him living abroad and on the day it happened when she heard there was a plane gone down over the Ukraine, she thought there was no need to panic, as she thought he wouldn't be on that flight. Tracey says when the news was confirmed she changed as a person.

Glenn Thomas was working for the World Health Organisation Credit: ITV Tonight