Dramatic video captures moment three rescued when yacht got into trouble in rough seas

Three people were safely rescued by RNLI volunteers just moments before their yacht capsized in rough seas near the Isle of Man.

The crew of the 40-ft vessel had called the Coastguard in Belfast mid-way through a passage from Liverpool to Ardrossan in Scotland.

They had sailed into Bay Ny Carrickey, near Port St Mary, for shelter from rough seas amid a wind force 5 and gusting force 7.

Three people were rescued by the RNLI after their yacht got into trouble in rough seas

After dropping anchor to prevent themselves hitting rocks they made the emergency call.

Port St Mary's Trent class lifeboat Gough Ritchie II, and D-Class inshore lifeboat Spirit of Leicester, were launched.

But because of the weather and proximity to the rocks the only safe option was for inshore lifeboat to go along side the yacht to transfer the 3 crew.

The delicate operation was executed successfully by the inshore lifeboat under the command of helm Richard Leigh.

But shortly after the crew were rescued the yacht broke free and subsequently hit the Carrick resulting in the loss of its keel and capsizing.

Port St Mary RNLI all-weather lifeboat Gough Ritchie II and inshore lifeboat Spirit of Leicester returning from service Credit: David Hill