Remembering the North West's 'forgotten' war heroes

Video by ITV reporter Tasha Kacheri.

On Remembrance Sunday as we pay tribute to those who lost their lives in conflict, young people in Rochdale have been working to make sure the sacrifice of thousands of servicemen and women is not forgotten.

Millions of soldiers from across the commonwealth fought for Britain in both world wars and students from Falinge Park have been investigating the hidden stories of Black and Asian veterans.

The students uncovered how much of a contribution that black and brown soldiers made to the war effort including those from Rochdale and made a film about it. 

In April it was revealed that hundreds of thousands of predominantly Black and Asian soldiers who died fighting for the British Empire were not commemorated in the same way as their white comrades because of 'pervasive racism'.

The Common Wealth War Graves Commission said this would be rectified and that  they were under no illusions that the road will be long and challenging but they've made the first steps in righting historic wrongs. 

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