Isle of Man: The Manx charity rescuing and rehabilitating abandoned seal pups

Grey seals are a common sight in the Isle of Man. Credit: ITV Granada Reports

The Manx Wildlife Trust is appealing for donations to help fund their seal rescue and rehabilitation programme.

They say there is 'very little provision' for the rehabilitation of seals on the Isle of Man.

The charity is looking for volunteer 'seal sitters' to keep an eye on young seal pups hauled up on the Manx coastline.

This can often be due to bad weather or after they are abandoned by their mother.

Crunchie was released back into the wild at Port Mooar beach in the Isle of Man. Credit: ITV Granada Reports

Seven-week-old 'Crunchie' was recently released back into the sea after being in the care of the Trust.

She was found in distress just a couple of days old in Scarlett on the Island.

A team from the charity took Crunchie to Port Mooar in Maughold where she was released back into the wild.

What is needed to rehabilitate seal pups?

  • Teats, tubes and bottles (£50-£100 per year).

  • Fish (£40 per seal per week).

  • Heat lamp (£100 for two lamps).

  • Fish oil (£50 per year).

  • Transport crate (£50).

  • Yard brush (£20).

  • Hosepipe + reel (£50).

  • Stainless steel table (£150).

You can find out more about the Manx Wildlife Trust's 'seal appeal' here.