A man has died after being struck by a falling tree in Ambleside

A man has died after being struck by a falling tree in Ambleside.Police, ambulance and fire service personnel all attended Vicarage Road at 11pm on Friday, but the man, who was from Lancaster, died at the scene.The police and other agencies were still at the scene on Saturday morning as the tree remained in a dangerous position, and people have been asked to avoid the area until it is made safe.

It was the second death as Storm Awren swept across the UK, with a man killed when his car was struck by a falling tree in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, on Friday.

Amid warnings not to travel in affected areas, gusts have reached speeds of 98mph in Northumberland, with an estimated 120 lorries becoming stuck in snow near Rochdale.

Stephen Dixon, a Met Office spokesman, said: “The worst-affected areas will predominantly be on the coasts, with gusts of over 75mph bringing possible disruption to travel and longer journey times, power cuts, flying debris and large waves, with beach material being thrown around."

“The south-east and London, though fairly windy, are likely to escape the worst of the gusts and remain relatively calm in comparison to the rest of the country, which will certainly feel the impact of the storm.”

Storm Arwen is moving in from the North Sea and will travel south before easing on Sunday, Mr Dixon said.