Mum's desperate hunt for the only food her autistic daughter eats ends as Aldi deliver food parcel

A video report by Amelia Beckett.

A mum from Oldham's desperate battle to get her hands on the only food her autistic daughter will eat has now paid off after receiving a delivery from Aldi today.

Emma Armstrong's child Libby Crossfield will only eat two foods - Aldi's own brand of Weetabix and its organic Mamia baby food, either spaghetti bolognese or spaghetti with tomato and mozzarella sauce.

Mum-of-three Emma has always kept well stocked up on the products as she knows that Libby, who has profound social and communication difficulties and suffers from sensory issues, will refuse to eat anything else.

But with supermarkets struggling with certain supplies, she was down to her last few tubs and only had enough to last until lunchtime on Saturday 4th December, which was Libby's fourth birthday.

Worried that Libby will be left with just the wheat cereal in her diet, Emma was doing all she could to source the items, but to no avail.

Credit: Emma Armstrong

As well as travelling around Aldi stores across Greater Manchester to check for stock and leave her number with managers, she was in touch with the manufacturer to establish when the retailer was due its next delivery.

Family and friends had also been on the hunt too, including Emma's sister Adele, whose tweet has been shared more than 200 times - with strangers as far as Aberdeen and Northern Ireland checking their own stores for stock.

And it's a lot more serious than Libby just not having the food she likes on her birthday.

Aldi baby food Credit: MEN media

Emma says eating wheat cereal alone will leave the youngster poorly and malnourished and if she has a period without the baby food, she may struggle to reintroduce it to Libby's diet.

"Libby has never eaten a solid food and is still spoon fed by an adult," said Emma, from Failsworth.

"She used to eat more of a variety of baby food but this has decreased to these particular foods. My concern is that if this food is taken away from her diet for a time I won’t be able to reintroduce it, this will lead to malnutrition and eventually we could end up with tube feeding or peg feeding."

Aldi delivered a large box of food containing 14 boxes of Wheat Bisks and 20 of the baby food and several cuddly toys for Libby.

The supermarket also sent the youngster a personalised message wishing her ''a very happy birthday''.

Aldi continued: "As a little gift we have enclosed some of our soft toys from our Christmas advert for you to play with. Please take great care of them!"

Aldi box and cuddly toys delivered to Libby Credit: Emma Armstrong