Boris Johnson joins Merseyside police on drugs bust as he vows to wipe out county lines

Boris Johnson observes an early morning Merseyside Police raid as part of 'Operation Toxic' to infiltrate County Lines drug dealings. Credit: PA

Boris Johnson joined Merseyside Police in an early morning raid on a home in Liverpool as part of plans to infiltrate County Lines drug dealings.

It comes as the Prime Minister pledges to break up 2,000 “county lines” drugs gangs in a £300 million drive to rid the country’s streets of illegal narcotics.

The government is to set out its 10-year drugs strategy, with a police crackdown to cut off the supply of class A drugs by city-based crime rings to the surrounding county areas.

On Monday, the Prime Minister joined officers from the Merseyside Police who carried out two warrants, in the Kirkdale and Anfield areas, arresting two people.

It's part of an investigation into County Lines drug dealing and child criminal exploitation in Merseyside called Project Medusa.

The government has published a 10-year drug strategy. Credit: PA

Detective Inspector Gary Stratton said: “Organised crime is hugely damaging to our communities, often involving intimidation, violence and creating fear and it is these criminals who run County Lines.

"Criminals involved in organised crime have no thought for anyone other than themselves, and their criminal intent and greed.“Project Medusa is dedicated to cutting these County Lines dead and taking those who operate them off our streets and working with partners to help those who may be exploited by these gangs.”

What does ‘County Lines’ mean? Zoe Muldoon explains.

What are some of the signs of exploitation?

  • New clothes, mobile phone or more cash than normal

  • Frequently going missing (often for days) before returning

  • Using nicknames to refer to other people

  • Speaking of gang names in the area

  • A new boyfriend or girlfriend who may coerce or control the individual

  • Truancy, exclusion, disengagement from school

  • Changes in the way young people you might know dress

  • Unexplained injuries

Police raid a house in Liverpool and arrest two people. Credit: PA

Read more here about how to spot the signs of exploitation linked to drug dealing and theEyes Open campaign here.You can also report any concerns to police on 999 if a crime is in progress, via 101, or via Twitter @MerPolCC.You can also pass information via the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously, on 0800 555 111 or via their online form at: