Covid death family 'disgusted' by laughter at Downing Street Christmas party allegations

  • Video report by Amy Welch.

The son of a beloved 94-year-old who died alone in her care home due to Covid restrictions says he is 'disgusted' by revelations of a Downing Street Christmas party.

Amos Waldman was unable to visit his grandmother, Sheila Lamb, in the final hours of her life as restrictions meant her care home was in lockdown.

But, as he - and the majority of the country - followed the rules laid down by the Government, allegations have emerged that some in Downing Street did not.

Exclusive ITV News footage shows senior staff joking about holding a Christmas party at Number 10 just four days after the event is alleged to have taken place last December.

Amos said: "The laugh about it was just disgusting, to laugh about the social distancing regulations as if they don't really matter but they know they're expecting us to follow them was just something that I find very difficult to get my head around.

Staff can be heard laughing and making references to “cheese and wine”, while Boris Johnson’s then spokesperson Allegra Stratton remarks there was “definitely no social distancing.”

The party came as people in many parts of the North West were living under the toughest Tier 3 restrictions and facing difficult decisions over whether to spend Christmas with family.

Amos says it breaks his family's hearts that Mrs Lamb died alone .

He said: "We weren't able to visit, the care home had locked down, we had some haunting phone calls when she was delirious, when she was pretty ill which didn't make much sense.

"There were no video calls even at that stage, so we had very little contact and the last telephone call I had was extremely haunting.

"We weren't able to see her, after she died, we didn't have a funeral we could attend, it was on zoom."

The Prime Minister has denied such a party ever took place, but has promised a full investigation.

But that is something Amos says is not "good enough".

"We've had a week of minister after minister being wheeled out to give nonsensical answers to interviews when everyone, every single member of the public knows exactly what happened.

"For him [Boris Johnson] to suggest even now he doesn't really know what was going on, and to try and pass the buck on to the cabinet secretary is absolutely disgusting."

Manchester Labour MP Afzal Khan, who lost his mum to Covid, says it is time for the Prime Minister to tell the truth.

He said: "My mother was dying in hospital in North Manchester and I just live next door, I couldn't and hold her hand and that is painful."

And shoppers in Burnley say the sacrifices they've made seem unfair,.