'The system is definitely creaking': Liverpool GP warns pressure on NHS is unsustainable

Video report by ITV Granada Reports correspondent Mel Barham.

A GP is warning that staff at his surgery are under 'unsustainable' pressure due to Covid, usual winter illnesses, and a two-year backlog or work caused by the pandemic.

Staff at Princes Park Health centre, in Liverpool, say they are exhausted as the centre has never been so busy.

Telephone consultations have quadrupled since the start of the pandemic, with email consultations going up even more.

Staff also say they are now reviewing ten to 15% more patients every week than pre-covid levels

GP Ian Pawson said: "I think it's definitely creaking, the system. I think the worrying thing is we're in the middle of December and we're already under massive pressure.

"So, the anxiety for a lot of us in the health service that this is likely to get more difficult and challenging over coming weeks and months.

"The worrying thing is there doesn't feel like there's much flex."

GP Ian Pawson says "the system is definitely creaking."

Receptionists at the practice say their workload has intensified.

The phone lines open at 8am, and staff say from that time the phone is ringing non-stop.

Despite the pressures, this surgery is keen to stress its doors are open, and people can still access care.

But staff are warning with demand soaring, and winter only likely to make things worse, there are concerns these pressures are 'unsustainable.'

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