Community groups in Liverpool join forces to help those in need at Christmas

Community groups across Liverpool have come together at Christmas to help those in need, at what for many, is a very difficult time of year.

The Liverpool Region Mosque Network has joined forces with the LFC Foundation to deliver essential food, as well as gifts, for children to around 500 families.

The parcels were loaded onto a lorry at Anfield stadium before heading off to try and bring some Christmas cheer to some of the most vulnerable in the city.

Tawhid Islam from The Liverpool Region Mosque Network said they have been truly saddened to see the ongoing impact of the pandemic which have hit many families hard throughout the year. 

Tawhid Islam, Liverpool Region Network of Mosques

Tawhid Islam said: "We have seen this from outreach work that we have been involved in.

"Many families from very socially deprived areas are having to make the choice between essentials items like food and toiletries, and gifts this Christmas time.

"They end up having to opt for essentials so we thought we would run a project that combines a package of household essentials and also toys to bring some smiles to hard hit families at this time of the year, in the spirit of togetherness."

The packages contain a variety of essential items.

The Mosque network is working with the LFC Foundation to deliver the project as part of 'Operation Christmas Magic.'

Matt Parish from the LFC Foundation said: "The community always comes together, Liverpool does it unbelievably well.

"We have worked with the Mosque network on a number of projects. It's about the community coming together as one and supporting those who need it most."

The majority of the funding has been provided by a haulage firm which operates out of Liverpool, Goggins Transport UK.

The firm are also making sure the logistics side of the project runs smoothly, and helping to get the packages safely delivered.

Tawhid went on, "We hope to support a minimum of 500 vulnerable families across the Liverpool City Region.

"The distribution list covers vulnerable families but some of the recipients will be provided with packages via their schools."

At Lister Junior School in Tuebrook, Headteacher Simon King and some of the pupils were waiting to greet the delivery.

At Lister Junior School in Tuebrook, Headteacher Simon King and some of the pupils were waiting to greet the delivery.

Mr King said: "We have a lot of children in the school who are disadvantaged, we have almost 50 percent on free school meals.

"To see these packages arriving today was just amazing and it will make a great difference to a number of our children."

Some of the packages were delivered to Micah Liverpool, a foodbank that operates from the city's Anglican Cathedral.

Tawhid and Martin Fuller from Micah foodbank charity sort through the packages.

Martin Fuller from the charity say they have seen a rise in people needing their help.

He said: "We were feeding around 200 - 250 people, but now our numbers have jumped to nearly 400 people in one week, so the scale of need is great."

The packages will be delivered to individual families, schools and outreach organisations who are making sure they get to those who need them the most.