Covid: Liverpool's intensive care wards full of young unvaccinated patients

Video report by ITV Granada Report's correspondent Tim Scott.

Young, unvaccinated adults with no underlying health issues are among those fighting for their lives in intensive care after contracting Covid in the North West, it has been revealed.

Distressing footage of a coronavirus ward full of patients has been captured at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and released by the city council.

They say all patients on the ward are between the ages of 30 and 40 - with not one vaccinated against the deadly virus.

Health officials say unvaccinated people, and the new Omicron variant, are putting more pressure on the NHS and its staff who are "already mentally and physically exhausted".

Liverpool health and political leaders are making a renewed appeal, targeting young people to get the vaccine.

"Whether it's your first, second, or booster jab you will be playing your part in protecting yourself, your loved ones and our city", the city council say.

Omicron cases have "dramatically increased", putting more pressure on the NHS and its staff. Credit: Liverpool City Council

"It's free, safe, effective and convenient. There are centres across the city that you can book online or over the phone.

"Someone you love could be lying in these beds in the coming weeks if we don't do everything we can to keep people safe.

"These people who had no underlying health issues should be enjoying the festive season, but instead are fighting to breathe and survive. Do the right thing: get vaccinated."

A renewed appeal for people to get vaccinated has been issued by health and political leaders in Liverpool. Credit: Liverpool City Council

The Omicron variant has seen cases of Covid-19 "increase dramatically".

On Tuesday, the UK reported more than 90,000 confirmed Covid cases - the fourth time the figure has hit 90,000 or beyond in less than a week.

The desperate situation in ICU illustrated in the video comes as no surprise to Liverpool's Director of Public Health.

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