Round-the-clock medics say there is still time to get jab before Christmas

Medics at a 24-hour vaccination centre in Bolton say there is still time to get jabbed and boosted before Christmas.

The clinic is open all night (until 6am on Christmas Eve) as part of the government's drive to get a million people vaccinated a day, as cases of the omicron variant continue to rise.

It is being staffed by volunteers who have come from as far away as West Cumbria and Leeds.

Clinical Pharmacist Tushar Bhabhani says anyone can get a jab at a time "suitable" for them

An estimated 1.4 million people in the UK had Covid-19 in the week ending December 16 - the highest number since comparable figures began in autumn 2020.

Experts have warned that while a first or second dose can help, only boosters provide the maximum level of protection against Omicron.

Tushar Bhabani, Clinical Pharmacist, said: "We want to make sure everyone's got the best opportunity to get the jab by offering, literally, every hour that we get given."

The centre is open until 6am on Christmas Eve.