Top league deaf basketball player leads the way for Cheshire Phoenix

Video report by Dan Salisbury-Jones

Robbie Graham is the only deaf basketball player competing in the country's top league.

He has become a key player in the Cheshire Phoenix team, despite wearing a hearing aid for his matches.

The hearing aid helps him to hear higher pitch sounds including the whistle.

He has also spoken of how loud and supportive his home crowd can be, which has often forced him to take the aid out.

Robbie plays for Cheshire Phoenix, one of the country's top league teams. Credit: ITV Granada Reports

He says he used to be 'embarrassed' wearing his hearing aid around school, but now feels comfortable amongst his teammates at Cheshire Phoenix.

Robbie has been praised for his commitment to basketball working out three times a week at 7:00am in the morning for a whole year.

As well as competing on the court, Robbie also runs community coaching sessions acting as a role model for the younger upcoming players.

The team also see him as a potential future captain of Cheshire Phoenix.