Granada Introducing Lancaster rock band Gloria

Elaine Willcox meets Lancaster's Gloria

Searing vocals, a mix of Freddy Mercury and David Bowie and melodic rock guitar power - that's one way to describe Gloria.

The band themselves struggle to define their sound, describing a mix of eclectic influences from Led Zeppelin and the legends of rock, to the Beatles and Blues.

The original line up were three friends from High School in Lancaster, releasing singles Gloria and Dogma in 2019.

They began to get noticed after winning a local talent competition with the prize of a headline slot at Lancaster Music festival.

They signed a recording contract with Fear Records leading to the release of their debut EP, 'Looking Forwards Looking Back' in 2021.

In lockdown came a change in their line up, when their original guitarist left, and two became five as they decided to create a fuller sound.

Gloria's new line up - from a 3 to a 5 piece band Credit: Fear Records

Their latest single, 'Story of Strife' is an ode about love and includes a nod to their influences, with Austin Woodcock's lyrics, 'Freddie and Ziggy are in paradise now, but they're helping me write this song'.

The lead singer and writer says 'the fact that those kinds of artists were able to do so much and be so diverse in what they were creating, speaks wonders to us'.

Lead guitarist Evan Butcher says 'the story sort of goes that the music comes out of the greats who have gone before'

He says the dream for the band is to keep progressing in 2022 and hopefully make 'a comfortable living doing what they love'.

The new 5 members of Gloria after a change in direction for the original school friends

The original pair were joined by Chris Richards on bass, Max Orrell on drums and Ethan Cooper on keys and vocals in lockdown when the band changed direction.

They all love musical theatre and combine music and actor/drama studies at university with building their fanbase.

Max Orrell says he'd seen Gloria play and saw their talent and feels it's a great honour to join the 'insanely talented musicians'.

Chris Richards was upfront - he says if there's a chance to have a career as a rock star he's going to give it his best shot and can't wait for them to perform their latest single 'Anymore' and an 'endless train of new music' in the New Year.

Ethan Cooper knew Austin at university and they both like the drama of the music too, promising something different at each of their gigs, along with a powerful wall of sound.

In case you were wondering who Gloria is - she doesn't exist.

When Evan heard Austin hold a thirty second note in their debut single, he said that's glorious - and Gloria came to them as a name and she is now with them in spirit.

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