One lucky pup: Dramatic quarry rescue for missing sausage dog on Isle of Man

Video report by Joshua Stokes

A retired policeman has rescued a mischievous dachshund from a flooded quarry after she went missing for 26-hours in the Isle of Man.

Partners in crime, Bebe and Lulu, ran away from their home, sparking a community search party in the fields where they were last seen, owner Melanie Kermeen said.

Lulu, a six-month-old puppy, managed to make her way home, but two-year-old Bebe was heard yelping for help at the bottom of a flooded quarry.

Bebe had fallen off a high ledge and was found near the water in the quarry. Credit: ITV Granada Reports

Emergency services were contacted for assistance, however she was not up for waiting and was frightened, making her way for a leap into the 3.5 m deep water below. Retired Detective Chief Inspector Juan Kinley, who had a 28-year career in policing on the Isle of Man, decided to perform a rescue mission.

Used to open water swimming after multiple triathlons, Juan swam quickly over to Bebe, who was more than happy to be rescued.

Onlooking searchers were hugely relieved to see Juan emerge from the pit with Bebe, shivering but unscathed.

Both dogs are safe and well, but owner Mel says it may be some time before they are ever trusted to be let off the lead again.