Bomb squad called to Daisy Nook after 1,000 'explosives' found by magnet fishers

Daisy Nook Country Park in Failsworth - Bomb and lake
Credit: MEN Media

More than 1,000 suspected railway explosives have been uncovered by magnet fishers at a park in Failsworth, Greater Manchester.

The bomb squad and emergency service were called to Daisy Nook Country Park after the devices were found underwater at Sammy's Basin.

It is the second time in as many weeks that explosives have been found in the park, with emergency services previously called out after 287 items were found in nearby Crime Lake.

Sophie and her team found the explosives. Credit: MEN MEDIA

Magnetic Fishing is fishing with a magnet in the hope to find metal objects under the water.

The hobby is both used as a way to help the environment and to enjoy a treasure hunt.

Sophie Doyle, 29, was one of the magnetic fishers who discovered the items.

Sophie, who runs a group called Magnetic Pull, said: "We changed locations because we didn't want to keep pulling [explosives] up all the time, as it's a drain on resources."We moved up to Sammy's Basin, which is still in Daisy Nook, and that's where we found over 1,000 of them."They had been there for a very long time."


Sophie continued "The police and the bomb squad were really shocked when they saw the big pile of explosives that we had piled on the floor for them."Officers spent a number of hours at the scene with a cordon in place to protect the public.The items were taken away to be checked by the bomb disposal team.


A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said: "Officers and the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit (EOD) were in attendance alongside Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service."A 50-metre cordon was in place as a precaution. All devices were removed and the area open again at 9pm."Devices were taken away by the EOD for testing."