Martin Lewis warns people have choice between 'freezing or starving' as energy bills rise

Speaking to Lucy Meacock, Martin Lewis said it is a stark choice for many households.

Consumer expert Martin Lewis has called on the government to "act now" or more people will be forced to choose between "freezing or starving".

Holding back his emotion, he warned energy bills could rise by 51% in April, adding as much as £600 to annual costs, as the price cap gets set to increase.

The founder of the Money Saving Expert website, who grew up in Cheshire, admits 'people should be panicking about this' when as many of six million people could be forced into food poverty.

He said the rising cost of living will be a 'huge smack in the face' for people across the country.

The TV presenter said he called on the government to take action in June last year when he was presenting ITV's Good Morning Britain breakfast show and he is frustrated by the government's lack of action so far.

He admits he "felt chocked up" with a "wave of nausea" after listening to people's stories of how they are already struggling to pay their fuel bills on his ITV show.

He has taken action himself and has donated £100,000 of his own money to the fuel poverty charity, National Energy Action to fund a chat advice service for vulnerable customers.

"It was a way of appeasing my own frustration that I couldn't help more."

"It's no accident the timing of me doing this: this is me very deliberately saying we desperately need to do something.

"I am willing to do my bit and now we need the Government to help."

Martin says if you are struggling to pay your bills speak to your energy provider now.

He said "we are still in Covid rules so they can't cut you off and they may come up with a payment plan."

Martin's tips to deal with a rise in energy prices:

  • Consider getting a fixed tariff that is no more than 40% above the price cap

  • Improve insulation in your home

  • Turn the thermostat and radiators down

  • Think about budgeting everyday costs

  • Use your smart metre and take regular metre readings

  • Speak to your energy provider now if you are struggling to pay your bills