Leyland grandad who nearly died in intensive care urges everyone to get Covid jab

ITV Granada Correspondent Tim Scott visited Peter at the Royal Preston Hospital.

A vaccine-hesitant grandad from Leyland who almost died after testing positive for coronavirus is urging others to get the jab.

Peter Narge - who said he did not get vaccinated because he was "dubious" about the research - has spent the last two weeks critically ill in the Royal Preston Hospital intensive care ward.

He says he feels "a fool" and has issued a heartfelt plea for everyone who has not yet had the jab to take up the offer as soon as possible.

He said: "This was a terrible mistake and when you add it into everything else and everything that matters, that have value to your life, your family, your loved ones - I did the wrong thing."

Peter spent two weeks on ICU after contracting coronavirus. Credit: ITV News

"If you've not taken the vaccine yet, you have to seriously consider it now because it's so obvious that when this happens and you become infected the effects could be so much worse."

Royal Preston Hospital's Dr Tom Owen has said the chances are higher for unvaccinated people to end up needing hospital care if they catch coronavirus.

He explained: "The data from across the country is very clear, especially in older patients who are 40 to 50 times more likely to end up on intensive care if you're unvaccinated.

Credit: ITV News

"Even under 40, you're 10 to 15 times more likely to end up on intensive care."

When Peter is discharged, he plans to campaign for everyone to get the vaccine and is begging people not to repeat his mistakes.

"Please make the right decision", Peter said. "Listen to my experience and don't fall back into it. Take the vaccine. Protect yourself and protect your families."

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