St Helen's man used fake blue lights to pull over motorist for 'bad driving'

Richard Moriarty walks free from court after dressing as a police officer and pulling over a motorist
Richard Moriarty walks free from court after dressing as a police officer and pulling over a motorist. Credit: Liverpool Echo

A man who pretended to be a police officer and used blue lights to pull over another driver has walked free from court.Richard Moriarty used the lights to talk to a motorist because he did not like the way he was driving on the Rainhill Bypass in November last year.Liverpool Magistrates’ Court heard how the 46-year-old was driving along the road in an Audi A4 when he saw a Range Rover pass him driving in a way he thought was unacceptable.He then turned on blue lights on his car and pulled the vehicle over.Andrew Page, prosecuting, said Moriarty got out and questioned the motorist about his driving.He said: “He asked if he had any identification and Moriarty warned him not to drive erratically again, got back into his own vehicle and drove off."

Suspecting he was not a police officer, the driver took pictures of the car before ringing Merseyside Police.

When police searched Moriarty's home in St Helens they found a number of items imitating police uniforms.

He explained he had blue lights in his possession because he acted as a “pacing vehicle” for track racing days near Manchester Airport.Colin Rawson, defending said Moriarty had acted in the moment but now recognised that the use of the blue lights alone was a crime.Moriarty told the court the uniforms were from a fancy dress costume years ago, thoughprosecutors said police decided not to return a number of the items, in case he was tempted to use them.The court was told Moriarty suffered from a range of physical and mental health problems.

District Judge Bosworth said his actions were “extraordinarily ill-judged”.

He said: “The public need to have confidence in their dealings with police officers.”Moriarty, of Bosworth Road, was given two consecutive 10-week jail terms, suspended for a year.He was banned from driving for a year, and must undertake rehabilitation activities and pay court costs.