Celebrity dancer Louie Spence calls out Lancashire councillor over pesky potholes

'The potholes, darling': Louie Spence calls out councillor over roadworks. Credit: PA Images

Celebrity dancer Louie Spence has helped draw attention to a pesky pothole problem in South Ribble.Councillor for Farington East Paul Wharton Hardman reached out to Lancashire County Council via Twitter about the issue in Farington.

But having no luck getting a response he chose another option.

He contacted the TV star on Memmo - a service where you can request a personalised video from celebrities.

In true Louie Spence fashion, he recorded a sassy version of Cllr Paul's message which was then sent to the council and Councillor Michael Green who was tagged in the original post.

In the video, Louie says: "Hello Councillor Michael, darling, Louie Spence here. This is a message for you from Cllr Paul."Now, Paul has been trying to get hold of you about the holes, the potholes, darling.

"Now, these aren't going to mend themselves, so could you be a darling, and when he sends you his next message, could you be a sweetheart and reply? Promptly? Ta."

Lancashire County Council replied to the Tweet stating: "Thanks for your tweet. If you haven't already please report highways issues on our online system where you'll be able to track progress of your report."

Potholes Credit: PA

In his response, Cllr Paul said: "Thanks for the reply - there’s some complex issues which I’ve tried to highlight as a Borough councillor with my county councillor, and it’s going to be difficult for me to report them online! [Fingers crossed emoji] this prompt reminds him to get back to me."

County Councillor Michael Green said: "As the local county councillor, I have raised highways issues from Cllr Wharton-Hardman at Lancashire County Council.

"The highways officers and Cabinet Member for Highways are aware of the issues being raised by him and he has received responses to them.

"I have also discussed a number of these issues with him, including on a recent site visit."