Earth sculpture is now on display at St. Chad’s Church in Kirby

The earth sculpture Gaia Credit: Knowsley Council

The earth sculpture, Gaia has arrived in Kirkby and will be on display for the next three weeks 

Luke Jerram’s 6-metre-wide replica of the earth can be seen at St. Chad’s Church.

The sculpture forms part of Knowsley’s programme for its year as Liverpool City Region Borough of Culture 2022.

The artwork was created from NASA imagery of the earth’s surface and it aims to demonstrate the fragility of the planet.

Creator Luke Jerram said "I hope visitors to Gaia get to see the earth as if from space, it's an incredibly beautiful and precious place. An ecosystem we urgently need to look after – our only home."

As if the visuals are not enough, Gaia is also accompanied by a surround sound composition by BAFTA award winning composer Dan Jones.

It is open daily with 15,000 time slots so people can book their free tickets