Anger after Boris Johnson wrongly calls Blackpool 'a city' on visit to the town

Boris Johnson on his visit Blackpool Transport Depot on Thursday. Credit: PA Images

Blackpool residents have come together on social media to criticise Boris Johnson after he mistakenly referred to the town as a 'city' on his visit on Thursday.

The Prime minister was joined by Communities Secretary Michael Gove to promote the government's new agenda for levelling up the north.

In a tweet, the PM said that he was looking at an extension to the tram network to make it easier for locals and visitors to access 'the city'.

He has since deleted the post.

The Prime minister's tweet on Thursday. Credit: Twitter

This mistake was quickly spotted by Blackpool residents who did not hesitate to correct the Prime minister on his error.

Sam Stevenson said: "Blackpool is a town, not a city.

"Not quite up there with Raab's confusion about Dover and Calais, nor Truss's inability to tell the difference between the Baltic and Black Seas, but still an indication of your absolute lack of attention to detail."

Cat Smith, Labour MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood was sure to correct Johnson, saying: "it's not a city, it's a town."

Lesley Innes provided evidence, posting a screenshot of a Google search proving that Blackpool is indeed a town.

On their trip, the Prime minister and Michael Gove visited Victoria Hospital, Blackpool Transport Depot and Talbot Gateway.

The PM praised Rishi Sunak's support package to help people pay their energy bills after Ofgem announced it will raise the energy price cap by 54% from April 1.