FA contacts Wayne Rooney after he admitted wearing longer studs in 2006 to 'hurt somebody'

Wayne Rooney admitted in an interview that he wore long metal studs with the intention of injuring an opposing player. Credit: PA Images

The Football Association has contacted Wayne Rooney for his views after he revealed he wanted "to hurt someone" during Manchester United's match against Chelsea in 2006.

The former Everton, United and England star admitted in an interview with Sky Sports that he changed his studs to "long metal ones", for the match in April, with the intention of injuring someone.

Wayne Rooney and John Terry clashed during the game at Stamford Bridge, with the then Chelsea captain leaving the stadium on crutches.

His comments come ahead of the release of the Amazon Prime documentary 'Rooney', where the 36-year-old's opens up about battles he faced during his early football career.

Chelsea's John Terry lies injured after a challenge from Manchester United's Wayne Rooney. Credit: PA

He said: "For that game I changed them to big, long metal ones - the maximum length you could have because I wanted to try and hurt someone, try and injure someone.

"I knew they were going to win that game. You could feel they were a better team at the time so I changed my studs.

"The studs were legal but thinking if there's a challenge there I knew I'd want to go in for it properly, basically. I did actually.

"John Terry left the stadium on crutches. I left a hole in his foot and then I signed my shirt to him after the game... and a few weeks later I sent it to him and asked for my stud back.

"If you look back when they were celebrating, JT's got his crutches from that tackle."

On Monday, John Terry responded to Rooney by posted a message on social media that said: "Is this when you left your stud in my foot?"

The Football Association has reportedly sought observations from Wayne Rooney in relation to the comments.

The Derby manager lays bare his issues with anger and mental health during his early football career in the new documentary 'Rooney'.

The former footballer, who joined Everton at 15 and United at 18, describes how he often locked himself away to forget some of the issues he was dealing with at the time.

Big names make appearances in the one-off documentary to talk about their time alongside Rooney, including David Beckham, Rio Ferdinand, Thierry Henry and Gary Neville.

His parents and children also feature in the film, as well as his wife Coleen who opens up about the more personal subjects that have made headlines in the past.

The two-hour documentary 'Rooney' will be released exclusively on the streaming service, Amazon Prime Video, on Friday, 11 February.