'I wore long studs because I was struggling, not to hurt anyone', says Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney's whole interview with ITV Granada Reports sports correspondent David Chisnall.

Wayne Rooney says he deliberately wore long studs for a Manchester United game at Chelsea because he was "struggling" with a range of personal issues.

Rooney, 36, spoke to ITV Granada Reports minutes before the premiere of an Amazon documentary film about his life - called Rooney - at the Home Theatre in Manchester.

In a recent interview about the film, Rooney remarked he had changed his studs to "big, long metal ones to try and hurt someone".

He has since been contacted by the Football Association to clarify those remarks.

Chelsea's John Terry lies injured after a challenge from Manchester United's Wayne Rooney. Credit: PA

The Chelsea captain John Terry left the stadium on crutches after a crunching tackle with Rooney during the 2006 game.

But talking to ITV Granada Reports sports correspondent David Chisnall, Rooney said: "There was all kinds going through my head when I was struggling.

"And then you have the tackle with John(Terry), which was a good, honest 50/50 tackle, so I haven't intended to go and hurt anyone. But that's what was going through my head."

Rooney added he felt it was the "right time" for himself and his family to make the film - saying it was a family decision to go ahead with it.

He said: "Throughout my life, over the last 20 years, a lot of people have judged me - rightly so or wrongly so - from their point of view.

"And I have made mistakes and I think it's important that I address them - and I have had times when I was really struggling mental health-wise, struggling with alcohol.

"I think it's important for people to realise and to put this behind me and move on."

Roone's wife Coleen commented on her husband's well-documented run-ins with drink and other women.

"Obviously, I listen to the people who matter to me - my mum and dad and they've always given me a positive outlook on things and there's nothing that we can't deal with," she said.

"Hopefully he's learnt and he doesn't get himself into any of them horrible situations again.

"But it's happened and I've got to live with it and if I couldn't cope with living with it I would have ended the relationship."

Turning his attention to the two biggest clubs in his past - Everton and Manchester United - Rooney said he would to love to manage one of them one day.

Coleen Rooney also spoke about Wayne's off-field issues Credit: ITV Granada

"But he said he had turned down the chance to talk to Everton about their recent vacancy because he was committed to his current role in charge of Championship side Derby County.

Rooney said what United now needed was a period of "stability" and to give a manager time to rebuild.

He said he could not see United challenging Manchester City or Liverpool for "three or four years".

The two-hour documentary 'Rooney' will be released exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, 11 February.

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