Armed police storm house in Oldham arresting the wrong man and his brother

  • Report by Granada Reports journalist Tim Scott

A father was left covered in blood and ‘traumatised’ after armed police stormed the wrong house and arrested him and his brother because they shared a name with a suspect.

Officers from West Yorkshire Police were searching for Kashif Hussain, 43 and from Oldham, in connection with a shooting in Bradford on 12 January.

But the address they raided in the town was wrong and instead they arrested Sharaz Hussain, 36, and his brother Shazad Hussain, 39.

Sharaz, a father-of-four, says he was then led out of his house in handcuffs, bleeding and barefoot, as his wife and children sat petrified inside surrounded by armed officers.

He said: "The officers that were on the right and they’ve gripped me and they’ve smacked me on the floor, and then they gave me a few digs, and all I’m saying is ‘what have I done?’

"There’s no need for the force, I’m not resisting. They hit me."

The brothers say they are not related to Kashif Hussain and they want an apology.

The moment the house was raided and Sharaz was arrested was caught on camera.

Sharaz's brother Shazad, said he was arrested when he went to the house after hearing the commotion during a phone call.

He says: “I just said to them what you doing, it’s my brother’s house. They wouldn’t answer me and then two minutes later they arrested me.

"When they arrested me I was thinking this can’t be happening, what am I getting arrested for?"

The pair were taken to Oldham police station and held until later that day then released without charge.

West Yorkshire police had made a mistake.

Police issued a photo of Kashif Hussain - the man they were actually looking for Credit: West Yorkshire Police

They had been looking for 43 year old Kashif Hussain over a firearms offence in Bradford and gone to the wrong address, arresting the brothers instead.

Sharaz said: "I thought at first someone was trying to rob me. Then an officer came to the front with a gun pointing at me. He was shouting: 'Armed police, get down on the floor.'"I was barefoot. Two other officers gripped me and threw me onto the floor. I'm shouting: 'What the hell have I done?'"I was bleeding all over my face. It was covered in blood. My right knee was gashed. I want a proper, public apology."

Sharaz Hussain was taken into custody along with his brother Credit: MEN Media

"It was totally wrong," Shazad said. "My brother didn't resist arrest. I was traumatised, handcuffed and humiliated.

"We've got a reputation around this area and it's gone down the drain."

Sharaz says he was taken to the police station, photographed and then put in a cell before being released.

Eyewitnesses captured images of armed officers taking the brothers into custody Credit: MEN Media

In a statement, West Yorkshire Police said: "Armed police were deployed to an address in Oldham on arrest enquiries for a man wanted in connection with an investigation into a firearms discharge in Bradford, who is known to have links to the area.

"Both men who were present at the address were taken to a police station as part of an identification process.

"Both were released from custody once it was established that neither were the man being sought.

"No formal complaint has been received from either of the men involved."

Both Sharaz and Shazad are now seeking legal advice and say they will sue West Yorkshire Police for the distress caused to them and their family.