Notebook handwritten by The Beatles 55 years ago to go on display in Liverpool

The notebook contains draft lyrics for ‘Hey Jude’ written by Paul McCartney and recording notes by George Harrison for ‘All You Need Is Love’. Credit: The Beatles Story

A 55 year old notebook containing the handwritten notes of The Beatles has gone on display at The Beatles Story Museum in Liverpool.

The notebook belonging to their longtime band manager, Mal Evans, features Paul McCartney’s handwritten draft lyrics for ‘Hey Jude’; a part-lyric for ‘Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band’; recording notes by George Harrison for ‘All You Need Is Love’.

It also has lyrics for a number of other songs including ‘For The Benefit of Mr Kite, ‘Good Morning Good Morning’ and ‘All Together Now’.

The notebook offers a glimpse into the ground-breaking era in Beatles’ history when they produced ‘Sgt Pepper’ and ‘The White Album’. Credit: The Beatles Story

As well as lyrics, poetry and doodles, the notebook also includes a design for the famous ‘Sgt Pepper’ drumskin featured on the cover of the record, and a list of other requirements for the song, including a ‘piano painted for John’. 

Stephen Maycock, Consultant Specialist in Beatles Memorabilia, said: “Mal’s notebook is a unique document, covering as it does such an important period in the career of the most important band in pop music history.

"It provides a fascinating insight into the Beatles’ creative process and shows just how close Mal was to that”.

The notebook offers visitors a unique glimpse into their lives at the time. Credit: The Beatles Story

Liverpool-born Mal Evans was a telecoms engineer and part-time bouncer at The Cavern Club.

By August 1963, The Beatles were becoming so popular that they needed a bodyguard/roadie and Mal fitted the bill.

Working in tandem with Neil Aspinall, the band's road manager, Mal became one of The Beatles trusted inner circle and he stayed with the band throughout their career.

His appearance in Peter Jackson’s recently released ‘Get Back’ documentary captivated viewers and showed his close relationship with The Beatles with subsequent reports of Mal’s biography set to be released in 2023.

Replica of The Cavern. The Beatles made nearly 300 appearances in the early 1960s and was also the workplace of singer Cilla Black. Credit: The Beatles Story

Described as the ‘ultimate memento’, the item was put up at Sotheby's rock and pop memorabilia auction by Mal’s widow Lily Evans in 1998, following his death.

It was bought by Liverpool businessman Alan Murphy for his daughter Davinia’s 21st birthday, who played Jude in Hollyoaks.

He has also recently announced plans for a £100m renovation development in Liverpool, the home of the Fab Four.

The notebook contains a fascinating array of colourful sketches, notes and poetry Credit: The Beatles Story

Davinia said: "As a family we are absolutely delighted to be able to share this treasure worldwide.

"As a Scouser and huge Beatles fan, my dad felt it was so important for the notebook to be available in his hometown of Liverpool and for everyone to enjoy these precious insights into the world's best band!"

Mary Chadwick, General Manager of The Beatles Story said: “The notebook is an extremely exciting addition to our attraction, and we are delighted to showcase this valuable piece of history at The Beatles Story."

The notebook will be on display for visitors to Liverpool’s leading Beatles’ attraction, The Beatles Story, from February 2022.

The interactive demonstration will include a digital display scrolling through every page of the notebook and the ‘Hey Jude’ lyrics alongside a biography about Mal Evans.