Afghan refugee who fled Taliban makes new life in Liverpool

Report by Granada Reports correspondent Sarah Rogers.

Just six months ago, Elyas Khalid was waking up to gunshots. Now, he is cheered on as he scales new heights in Liverpool.

The 19-year-old is part of 'Refugee Rocks', a partnership between the British Red Cross and Action Asylum.

They help build a sense of community, a vital for those who have lost everything, and support those working through trauma and the asylum system.

Elyas is part of 'Refugee Rocks', a partnership between the Red Cross and Action Asylum. Credit: ITV News

The day the Taliban stormed Kabul, Elyas and his family went into hiding with just the clothes on their backs.

"We just left everything because we were just scared about our life", Elyas said.

He feared his father, a high-ranking official who supported British troops, would be killed if he was captured. Shortly after they left, their home was ransacked.

"They searched our entire house and raided the house. They were enquiring about my dad, but they were unable to catch him."

Elyas shared his sadness at the death and destruction people were facing back home.

Despite getting to safety in the UK, rebuilding his new life in the North West has been far from easy to do.

Emma Leaper, from Action asylum said: "You're just sat there waiting for a decision, no permission to work - it's just so frustrating for them."

They meet at The Climbing Hangar in Speke, who provide the space for free.

Ben Fitzsimons, a coach there said: "Being able to provide these laughs and smiles, these good moments for them - that's what it's all about."

Elyas wants to climb the ladder into education and work as a lawyer to give back to Liverpool - the community who welcomed him.

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