Storm Franklin - the big clean up after strong winds wreak havoc across North West

The debris left behind after Storm Franklin tore through the region.

The big clean up is underway after the second named storm to hit the North West causes disruption.

A yellow wind warning is in place until 1pm which saw trees up rooted in Liverpool as a result of Storm Franklin.

Cars were damaged and the road blocked in Wavertree Nook when a large established tree was brought down in the winds.

Tree surgeons were called out to clear a road using specialist cutting equipment.

Debris was left after floodwater receded from the River Mersey near Didsbury Golf Club, after Storm Franklin moved in overnight.

Tree surgeons use cutting equipment to clear a road in Liverpool after a tree was uprooted Credit: PA

The scale of the debris shows the speed of the flood water, but the area's flood defences did their job limiting flooding to properties.

A number of golf club are underwater after the Mersey floodgates were opened to release water into the flood basin.

Debris from Storm Franklin after flooding around the River Mersey in Didsbury Credit: PA

It will be a costly clear up operation for Didsbury Golf Club once again with their fairways and greens submerged under water.

The River Mersey had reached its highest ever level from Storm Franklin.

Flood warnings remain in force covering the River Mersey at Chorlton and Sale golf clubs, Chorlton Water Park and Stretford, Fletcher Moss and Withington golf course, as well as for the River Roch at Littleborough, Rochdale.

Severe flood warnings in Didsbury and Northenden have been lifted on Monday morning after heavy rain and strong winds overnight.

Didsbury Golf Club is underwater again at the flood gates were opened to release water from the River Mersey Credit: PA

Manchester City Council has confirmed its mayor emergency evacuation operations have now been stood down.

The Environment Agency said: "This severe flood warning has been removed, however, a flood alert for the area remains in place, meaning that there is a possibility of flooding to properties."

Damage to gardens in Barton upon Irwell in Greater Manchester Credit: PA

Warnings covering the upper River Irwell area - for Oldham, Bolton, Rochdale, Haslingden, Ramsbottom and Rawtenstall - and for the lower Irwell have also been taken off the official list.

A number of properties were damaged in Barton upon Irwell in Greater Manchester with trampolines, garden furniture and fences the main casualties of the strong winds.

Across Merseyside walkers are being warned to take care when visiting parks strong winds have brought trees down.

Strong winds caused damage to gardens on Barton upon Irwell Credit: PA

A spokesperson for Central Park, Wallasey, tweeted: "It’s a windy day please take care of you are in the park we have had a tree blown over. If you can avoid it please do. Take care while out today."

Fallen trees have closed roads and delayed rail travel in parts of Merseyside as work continues to remove fallen trees from rail lines.