Radio presenter Jordan North 'absolutely drained' on final stretch of 100 mile row for Comic Relief

  • Jordan spoke to Granada Reports Presenter Gamal Fahnbulleh ahead of the charity challenge.

Burnley-born presenter Jordan North says he is "absolutely drained" on the fourth day of his epic challenge to row 100 miles in five days.

The former I'm A Celebrity contestant, 32, is making his way upstream via the UK's canals from London to his hometown, as part of a Red Nose Day challenge.

Jordan started the challenge on Monday 28 February and is rowing eight hours a day on a single scull rowing boat. He is due to reach Burnley on Friday 4 March.

Jordan kicked off day four with a heartfelt letter from his colleagues at BBC Radio 1.

Writing on his Instagram account after completing day three of the challenge, Jordan said:

"Mentally this has been the toughest day, it rained for most of it which really affected my mood and energy - plus it makes the whole body feel extra cold."I’m absolutely drained."

So far, 'Rowing Home' has raised over £162,000 for Comic Relief.

Jordan's beloved Burnley Football Club have been tweeting their support for the DJ since he announced the challenge.

Jordan's Radio 1 colleagues surprised him with a supportive message from Burnley boss Sean Dyche.

In the video message Dyche said: "I know you know who I am...but I just wanted to wish you all the best in your journey, in your rowing boat.

"Great effort for Comic Relief, so I hope that goes well and we'll be cheering you on from afar."

Before setting off on his journey last week, Jordan told ITV Granada Reports: "I didn't sleep well last night, if I'm honest, as you can tell by my eyes.

"I am ready and just want to get going now. I am a bit apprehensive but just want to get on the water. It's not a bad day, and it's not raining."

Jordan North sets off in a single scull rowing boat from Little Venice in London, on his Comic Relief challenge. Credit: PA Images

He has been training with Fulham Reach Rowing Club trainer, Tracy Corbett, for six weeks but has no previous rowing experience.

Before setting off, Jordan spoke about how recent weather events pushed him his training even harder.

He said: "When it is really windy, that's when it's really difficult.Last week, we went out just before the storm came out and that was really difficult.

"It was like for every stroke I was taking, the wind was pushing me back."

Whilst Jordan is navigating England's waterways for Comic Relief, he is also supporting a Liverpool charity, Local Solutions, which supports people from disadvantaged backgrounds to get involved in water sports.

Jordan, who hosts the BBC Radio 1 drivetime show with Vick Hope, became a viewer favourite during his time on ITV's I'm A Celebrity in 2020 as he overcame his fears during a series of gruesome challenges.

Jordan will be rowing 100 miles for five days. Credit: Comic Relief

He has been practising his rowing technique on the River Thames three times a week and has been put through a strength and conditioning programme.

His trainer Ms Corbett said: "Rowing is one of the hardest sports to conquer both physically and mentally, the challenges ahead for Jordan are endless - he could encounter four seasons in one hour.

"Jordan will need to stay focused and be on top of his steering, so as not to crash into any moored vessels which could injure him or damage the boat.

Jordan has been training for only six weeks. Credit: Comic Relief

"His spatial awareness will need to be on high alert as he will be rowing through narrow bridges, tight bends, and will need to avoid a lot of canal furniture.

"It is going to take a lot of mental strength and correct fuelling to get through all five challenge days, and he will endure muscle aches and joint soreness throughout his whole body."

The challenge, called Rowing Home, will also be filmed for a documentary airing in March ahead of Red Nose Day on Friday 18 March.