Johnny Marr on his new album, playing guitar on Bond, and why Manchester is the best place to live

He is widely regarded as one of the greatest guitarists of all time, and the co-songwriter in one of the most influential bands our region has ever produced.

So a new album released by Johnny Marr is bound to cause waves.

“Fever Dreams Pt. I – IV,” is the first double album Marr has attempted, and he told our entertainment correspondent Caroline Whitmore, he's excited about its release.

"I might not look it but I'm absolutely really excited."

"It's so exciting for people to hear all the songs all in one go, especially as it's very epic. It'll last them all weekend if they can be bothered!"

Johnny Marr talks to our entertainment correspondent Caroline Whitmore about his new album Credit: ITV

In April, Marr goes on tour with Blondie. He told us it was a no-brainer.

"It was like a 3 second call - do you want to go on the road with Blondie? It was like, yeah ok bye!"

Tenement Time Credit: BMG

One of the new tracks on the album "Tenement Time" is about Marr's experience of growing up in Ardwick in Manchester.

He said Manchester will always be his home.

"My little childhood was the city centre, and running around sort of near the Apollo.

"I could live anywhere but I live here because it's the best place to live. I don't see a time when it will ever not be a musical city, put it that way."

Johnny Marr tells Granada Reports "I'm really excited" about the release of his new album Credit: ITV

And it's not just a new album Marr has been working on - he recently played on the latest Bond film's title track "No Time to Die," with Billie Eilish - which has been nominated for an Oscar.

"It's blown up, it has become the most successful Bond film ever so, it's all because of the guitar obviously!

"To be up for an Oscar, you feel like you're part of history, definitely.

"When you're doing it, you're trying not to mess it up."

Marr's new double album 'Fever Dreams part 1-4' is out on Friday.